Why Beans?

Tiny but mighty. Charming but disruptive. Beans are a simple and affordable solution to the global climate, health and the cost‑of‑living crisis.

  • Beans release 90% less harmful greenhouse gasses than some animal proteins
  • Beans contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Dried beans cost on average $1.00 per 500 grams

Diversity of beans

Around the world, there are thousands of varieties of beans, peas, pulses, lentils and legumes.

Butter bean
Kidney bean
Black bean
Mung bean
Navy bean
Aduki bean
Black chickpea
Black eyed bean
Cannellini bean
Edamame bean
Fava bean
Flageolet bean
Pinto bean
Soy bean
Beans is How

A campaign to fix the future by doubling global bean consumption by 2028.