Beans is How

A campaign to double global bean consumption by 2028.

We can help fix the future with beans.

people globally suffer from malnutrition.
is at its highest level in 2 million years.
of the global economy will contract in 2023.

The problems we face are so great, it feels hard to imagine there’s one simple solution.

But we have one… a tiny but mighty solution.

It’s nutritious, delicious, affordable, and beneficial for people and planet.

That simple? Yes.

Beans is How
How can you enjoy meals that don’t cost the earth?
How do we create a shift in farming?
How can you enjoy nutritious and tasty food?
How can we make delicious meals when money is tight?
How can you combat the climate crisis?
How can we end the malnutrition crisis?
How can you support a fair and healthy food system?
Beans is How
Beans is How

A campaign to fix the future by doubling global bean consumption by 2028.